How to choose the right handbag for yourself?


When it comes to fashion in India, designer Ravi Bajaj says that everything ends at the eye level. This makes sunglasses and the handbag most coveted on the style must-have lists of every fashionista. “The handbag is very important — the bigger, the better,” he says. And the label matters too.

Surprisingly, it was Maggie Thatcher with her stern yet feminine, colour-coordinated yet official looking pocketbook-style handbags that made the connect between a bag and power clearer. Now with The Iron Lady that fetched Merly Streep her 17th Academy nod, Thatcher is back in news, and so is her handbag style.
In one sweep, she shows you how a bag can impress or intimidate. Ever since the Louis Vuitton bags started raking in followers and Fendi hit paydirt with the baguette in the 90s, the fashion industry knew that few women — even the one resistive to fashion — can ignore the charm of a handbag. Case in point: Hillary Clinton, who on occasions has known to don chef’s coat for dresses, is particularly partial to a fuchsia Ferragamo bag.

Then Birkin came and changed the rules with a bag so simple yet so coveted that there’s a wait list to get into the wait list. One look at a woman with a Birkin and you know she has arrived, has money, power enough to circumvent the list or is connected with the right people. One bag, that’s all you need. But this is not about ‘it’ bags. It’s about your bag and what you should pick. Here’s a handy guide that will help you develop and decide your handbag personality.

The basic handbag rule: opt for a handbag that is opposite the shape of your body. Always try them as you would try clothes. Check all angles:
If you are tall and thin, choose short and slouchy shaped handbags. Your go-to style: the hobo and the clutch. Your handbags should be wider. Avoid shoulder bags with short straps.
If you are petite, then oversized bags aren’t for you. Big bags will overwhelm you. Avoid shoulder bags with a long strap. Your basic bag: a medium-si ..



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