We Tried The New Foundation Everyone Is Talking About


There are always products that get hyped up by the press, and Marc Jacobs’ new Shameless foundation was definitely one of them. His beauty range is picking up a following, and this new foundation collection is a step in a new direction. For one, Marc Jacobs is hearing what’s going on in the world, and they’ve released an inclusive range of 29 shades that covers both ends of the fair and deep spectrum. I’ll admit, I wasn’t overwhelmed when I received it, but I was intrigued, and actually, there’s a lot more to the little bottles than meets the eye…

What it is: A hydrating light-to-medium coverage foundation with SPF 25. The oil-free formula is self-setting and designed to last 24-hours. The formula hydrates with Snow Mushroom, and Blue Daisy extract helps to keep pollution’s dulling effects at bay.

What we liked: The pebble-like bottle design is really unique, and even though they seem small it actually packs 32ml (30ml is standard). It’s made of plastic, typically not a luxe finish, but I like it because it’s ideal for traveling. The shade range is really diverse and because it gives light coverage, it means that these shades will work for a lot of different skin tones. The formula isn’t quite what I consider to be medium coverage, but it does build well and gives a gorgeous youthful glow. I preferred applying it with a buffer brush instead of the new brush they created, it was just easier to use and blend. This looks great during the day, and we even felt that the look of it improved during the day.

What we didn’t like: Unlike most luxury brands, this doesn’t have a pump, and it’s just a squeezy bottle – in some ways this is good as you can control how much product you’re using, but I personally prefer a pump. I have textured skin, acne scars and I want to hide that, and it took a lot of building to get the kind of coverage I like, and it still didn’t hide my texture. So, if you have visible pores or textured skin and you want a foundation that will conceal that, this probably won’t work for you. It also claims that it’s the first-to-market flashback-free foundation, but I did find that my face looked paler when I used flash photography. I also don’t see the point of having SPF in foundation, as after a few hours you’ll still have the flashback but not the benefits of the SPF.



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